Friday, April 2, 2010

And the Winner Is...

Purple Lover 04! With her comment naming the Irish Soda Bread as her favorite, Purple Lover is the winner of the Short and Saucy Calphalon Pot. Thank you to everyone that participated!

Yup that's a new haircut. We're trying to think of something even better for our 1 year blog aniversary in June, so keep watching the blog! What to expect in the next 100? I've been deeply interested in Asian cooking lately, you may see a post on Ginger noodles as early as next week! And then there's the bread baking class I'm looking at taking, and the return of ice cream as summer looms and the Tiki bars that are supposed to open in Manhattan this summer, we've got a long culinary road ahead of us. Hope you're all coming along for the ride!

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