Friday, June 26, 2009

Escape from NY, to Bobby Simones

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Between Baltimore and New York, I hadn't been out of a city in 6 weeks. This tends to make me a bit stir crazy. I can take the city comfortably at 4 weeks, a little edgy at 6, and tend to start becoming a cynical and stressed out bitch at 8. New York is an amazing place to call home, but no one claims it's easy on the nerves. Between the crowds, the subway screwing you on a regular basis, and the fact that NY had been stuck in a system of rain for about 2 weeks straight, eventually you start thinking bitchy thoughts at other people on subway platforms and those people who stand in the middle of the side walk as if it's their place to congregate and not a place where people are trying to get somewhere so move you god damn.... I digress. I made it out at the midway point this time. I visited my mother in PA last weekend, and enjoying that perk of being in your 20’s and visiting your mommy, she bought me dinner. We tried a fairly new place, Bobby Simone's in Doylestown.
My mom and I love getting a bunch of appetizers and splitting them, and this place features a small plate menu that is ideal to do just that. I ordered a gimlet, one of my favorite old school drinks. The problem with my doing anything cool is my former hippie intellectual mother has already done it. (She would want me to point out here that she was a "classy" hippie, which apparently means she showered) When I went to London, she had already gone, and during the 60's to boot. I'm a fan of yoga, "Oh I tried that when I was in my 20's too!" I like gourmet cooking... "You should have seen the dinner party where I made champagne sorbet" I can't win. There are few things more depressing then your mother having been cooler then you. Anyway, apparently another thing she enjoyed when she was my age and hanging out with her cool 60's friends was the vodka gimlet, which is similar to the vodka martini but more palatable, in that it won't kick your ass quite as hard.
For our small plates we ordered the fries with truffle oil, romano cheese and fresh parsley; the mussels, which come prepared a different way depending on the night; and the trio of kobe burgers (which come with plain fries, a detail we hadn't realized when we ordered the side of fries). All of the food was fantastic, the burgers come prepared 3 different ways with blue cheese being my favorite. The fries were all well made, with the truffle oil fries being down right addictive, and even the next day my mother couldn't stop talking about the mussels. I was cool enough to teach her about moules et frites, the french art of dipping fries in the broth from the mussels.
As I was twittering about the night, I asked for the menu back so I could record the wine I had been drinking. I have found this is an excellent way to not forget what that wine was that I loved and then got drunk off of. Writing the names of the wine on old receipts at the bottom of my purse wasn't working that well, not to mention that I didn't want to be reminded about how much I spent on those heels I bought a week ago and were then ruined in the rain... Twittering creates a less crumplable trail. I got the name, Casa Silva Reserva, a Pinot Noir from Chile but there was no vintage. I asked the waitress, and she headed off to ask the bartender. It turns out I  ad been mislead. They were out of the Casa Silva, so I had been upgraded to the next price level of Pinot Noir, Cosentino Ol'Red. As the Cosentino was a blend, no vintage was listed. To its credit I really enjoyed this wine; it had that nice deep spice you usually find in South American wines, though this one was from California. Still, my mother and I were deeply amused about me "busting" them with my investigative twittering. Score one for the 26 year old with the blackberry.

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