Saturday, May 30, 2009


Epicurette in New York is a blog about sustenance. It is about the food I cook, the restaurants I eat in, and the libations I consume. As I am a NY City resident most of the bars and restaurants I frequent are there, and I generally work out of a kitchen so small I refer to it as an alleyway with appliances. Occasionally the blog will follow me as I visit my mother in the suburbs of Philadelphia and work out of her larger kitchen, or as I travel.

Once a week a guest blog will be posted by my drink mixing, wine pouring fiance, and occasionally my cooking novice (read: incompetent) of a best friend. She would like me to point out here that she is a kick ass baker.

I should disclose that I am 26 and work for a non-profit, so if you are looking for reviews of Per Se or blogs about making white truffle soup, I suggest you look elsewhere.

My goal is to have an update at least every Monday, with possible supplemental blogs throughout the week. For more up-to-the-minute updates about my gastronomical experiences, you can follow my twitter, @Epicurette

Armed with that information, I welcome you to Epicurette in New York!

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